Three story metal staircase tear down and rebuild

Previous metal staircase

My client wanted a safe, solid, and attractive staircase.  Existing staircase was damaged beyond repair since the structure was never done correctly. 

Metail staircase during construction

This project is still ongoing and this photograph shows the staircase from the first to the second floor.  



Steel steps

The steps are built in stainless steel for durability.  The design and construction is anti-slippery, safe for those icy winter Denver days. 

Wood Fence Design & Build

Wood Fence Purpose

My client wanted a wood fence that will provide privacy while letting some sunshine in.  Initial work showing fence posts facing home.


Wood fence design

The design allows some sunlight while providing privacy.  The double sided fence ensures my customer has a beautiful view while the neighbors also enjoy a beautiful site. We built the gates as well and added hardware with an interesting design to make the gate functional and attractive.



Finished project

And happy customer!

Constructions & Renovation Solutions

Bathroom tile replacement

Cement board installed over particle board before installing bathroom tiles.

Finished installing bathroom tiles

Client only had a limited amount of tiles since she wanted to keep same look throughout her home.  Therefore, we desinged the pattern with a limited amount of tiles and finished job with one tile left.  Client is very happy with the outcome.

Condominium Cupola Repair

Before cupola repair

The entire cupola was damaged, the wood was rotten and cupola was attached to building by a string of wire.  The wire was the only thing preventing it from falling down.  

Finished repaired cupola and safely attached

Repair and repainted cupola.  Built an aluminum plate to prevent future wood rot, caulked all the seams, and reinstalled cupola on parapet. Cupola is safely bolted down to parapet.

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